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SirSeen it? Yes.
Worth it? Yes.
More info? No problem.

For those of You who are not in the topic, Sirius is a documentary, released on Earth Day 2013 (God bless the Earth!) that main goal is to shed some light on the world’s troubles of today, particularly this one’s being covered very poorly by the big media, or actually we should say not covered at all.
One may ask – “and why is that”? Well, very good question on which there is no easy answer, watching Sirius however may bring us all closer to it.
First impression? We expected something different. We expected fireworks, heavy language, accusations and war rhetoric’s, probably because of other productions related to NWO/UFO subject – as we first classified Sirius – which there usually full of it, and also because Sirius trailer also indicates it. Instead of it we have a tidy, balanced document focusing on the solution rather than a problem. Quite unexpectedly (Great thing – expectations) prominent part of the movie focuses on the figure of Steven M. Greer – who he is, what is he doing, why is he doing it and why, if we want to learn something about cool stuff such as ET’s, sooner or later we’re going to stumble upon this fellow. Apart from him being a very interesting figure worth covering, this approach allows one to see worlds affairs from the perspective of specified person, makes whole thing more human, as well as easier to identify with it. To see the big picture, how somebody is struggling along the way, that raises trust and gives a much-needed credibility.
In general with every main matter the movie touches, for example The Atacama Humanoid, it also introduce us to people who deal with this matter, they talk a little about themselves and have a lot of time to give full statement of what are they doing, like Garry Nolan on mentioned Atacama Humanoid. Less graphical show, more real talks – we consider this to be a very strong point of the movie.
In the same time, here and there, some fragments of interviews are being placed, which gives just a little glimpse on some matters and later there are not followed at all. Whether the director didn’t want to make the movie longer, or scare off the audience too much, we forgive him.
The perception of Sirius depends largely of one’s state of knowledge of worlds current affairs and opinion of them. Do we believe that, right now in 2013, we as a humanity are in possession of technologies allowing us to pay much smaller bills for energy that we consume? If yes, then Sirius is a sound documentary and we are happy that somebody is finally doing something about it. However, if we believe that we didn’t make any progress from the middle ages and burning gas, coal and oil is the best it gets, then we perceive Sirius as a pile of crap and feel that we lost 9.99$ to bunch of cunning, shady individuals. Do we feel like being only one intelligent civilization in the universe is a waste of space, and it’s quite likely that there are some folks out there, maybe even technologically able to travel to our beautiful planet, and maybe even curious whats happening here?
Or we believe that all this other star systems, galaxies, planets and what have you, are empty, and there are waiting to be colonized by us, and their oil taken.
Bye the way, in which group are You?
At any rate, Sirius is a nice movie, easy to digest by anybody, not only by the person with developed strange interests. Invite some friends over, go to, pay 9.99$, hope they spend this money on something useful, spread comfortably on the couch, hit play and start dreaming..

thelifeprism team

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Hi everybody.

In the course of indulging in number one time-wasting activity of all times, namely, of course – web surfing, we came across an interesting site –
The site covers a wide range of material, from allegedly best UFO evidence that they really exists and we’re, in fact, being visited by beings not from this planet, to New Energy Research – thing that everybody on this planet should be interested in.
The main player who stands behind this site is Steven Macon Greer. For those of You who still don’t know the guy – mr Greer is a 57-year-old American (and still in shape!), widely regarded as an authority in the topic of extraterrestrials and inter-stellar civilizations. What gives him this authority You may ask? In our opinion it’s his close connection to impressive amount of ex-government, military and intelligence witnesses, mostly from the US, whom he’s team put together to speak about their own unique experiences with he UFO’s during the time of their work. Anybody can check it for himself, just type it – Disclosure Project – on youtube; quite some video, just want to put emphasis on “their own experiences”, not anybody else’s. As far as we know there are also some ex-astronauts in the team, in total making the group hard to easily disregard.
Anyway Sirius Disclosure seem like a continuity of the Disclosure Project 12 years later, and we tell You it’s going to be really Sirius.
Sirius, the Movie, is the flywheel of the whole movement, premiere already tomorrow at 8 pm Pacific Time. Unfortunately, makes it somewhere around 5 am European Time and we are going to sleep it over, but don’t worry folks, we will share our impressions with You as soon as we get up and watch it. In the meantime we need to satisfy our crave for information with the trailer

and tell us now that You don’t want to see it!
Anybody siriusly interested can go now to Yekradotcom pre-order it for as little as 9.99$ and arm himself with patience. Oh, we forgot to mention that money from “tickets” will go to building the lab necessary to develop New Energy Technologies that will help us humans to move our civilization forward, which is a good thing right.
But to be sirius, we highly appreciate the work of people standing behind Sirius Disclosure, The Disclosure Project, The Orion Project and all the other undertakings having the goal of raising living standards of all the people on Our Beautiful Planet. Remember that we all have the power to influence and speed up this process, even if it’s paying 10 dollars and seeing a pretty interesting movie. Premiere already tomorrow at 22nd of April 2013 8pm Pacific Time on, what do you know! – Earth Day.

Remember, this is sirius.
thelifeprism team

Sirius – The Movie | Official Site
Sirius – The Movie | Watch here
Sirius – The Movie | Facebook
Sirius – The Movie | thelifeprism blog

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Struggling with addiction?

Struggling with addiction? Not satisfied with Your habit patterns?
Wanna quit smoking or drinking? Then watch this video, it may give You some inspiration. A video from Nick Good and Michael Mackintosh from the Super Hero Training. 40 minutes of interesting insight of how cannabis does affect our system.

And here You can find whole chapter from the book Nick is mentioning, I put some fragment for the encouragement:

This usage and addiction leads most of the time to personality changes and character damage. The soul becomes more and more disconnected from the purpose of its incarnation and from the “real self.” Those who spend their lifetime in this altered state of consciousness may have to experience several more incarnations in order to return to the state of consciousness they engendered before the drug use. They will almost certainly suffer a setback in their personal evolution. No matter how spiritual drug users think they have become with their addiction, we say that they are embracing a great illusion.

Everyone has a certain desire to evolve and become the divine being that they are. This is your very nature, your birthright. Those who use drugs or similar addictive substances are looking outside themselves for what can be found only within the depth of the soul. Drug abuse demonstrates an unwillingness to go through the normal channels of learning, through the daily lessons of life that help you evolve. In all truthfulnness, there are no external shortcuts to enlightenment. It is all within you.

Interesting and actually heartwarming lecture, whether You believe in astral planes, incarnations, auric fields etc or not, or You just don’t care. If You find it interesting please leave a comment and tell us what do You think about it.
thelifeprism team

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New Energies “We all share a bright optimistic vision for a world free of pollution and scarcity of energy resources. A world devoid of poverty, hunger and disease. A world in which everyone has access to basic human needs.”

We to share this vision, a vision of our Earth returning to her pristine state, with peaceful and open minded inhabitants working together towards resolving all the great challenges of today. Furthermore, we believe that overcoming of the fundamental troubles, such as listed above, is still possible in our lifetimes. What most people don’t know is that we, as a humanity, are in possesion of tremendous and powerful allies. These allies are the new energy technologies – zero-point energy, magnetic generators, advanced hydrogen processes, cold fusion and other; all of them little-known and very little-used. We believe that development and worldwide installation of this technologies are elementary and fundamental to eliminate most of immense troubles of today. We would like to encourage YOU to have a look at this sites and get acquainted with the information they contain. It is not necessary to understand, for example, how cold fusion works, frankly we don’t know it either, but it is absolutely essential to be aware that this technologies exists and are, in fact, the real deal. This is just enough, as by this way more and more information will flow to mass consciousness of humanity and eventually pave they way for global debate and at the end to see these technologies in use. Please visit these sites and please, share it with others.
It is important 🙂
May You have the best day ever,
thelifeprism team

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Ice Bath

This time we would like introduce You to, what already has become a new hype in the sport world,namely, the ice baths.
What is it? Actually exactly what the name suggest.How to do it? Well, You put a lot of ice into Your tub, take a deep breath and…You go inside. Amazing right?
The topic is controversial, just like everything what is interesting and worth looking into.
Personally, I’d like far more to stay warm, but what if it really works? What if by adding this to my weekly routine I can be healthier, or just simply feel better? Ok, time to do some research.

Ice baths are a part of a broader field known as cryotherapy–the Greek word cryo (κρυο) means cold–which describes a variety of treatments when cold temperatures are used therapeutically. So if You’re occasionally taking a cold shower, even for awhile (like me) be aware, that You use a therapeutic technique.
Ice baths are generally believed to be a way to help the body recover from a vigorous workout, because such exposure to cold helps to fight the microtrauma (small tears) as well as cramp and soreness in muscle fibers with effect being the strongest in muscles and tendons. According to Andy Schmitz, U.S. triathlon team coach for Beijing 2008, ice bath is:

 Thought to constrict blood vessels, flush waste products and reduce swelling and tissue breakdown. Subsequently, as the tissue warms and the increased blood flow speeds circulation, the healing process is jump-started.

 Our theme technique sparkled a huge response in the sport world of today. Big enough to be called as “one of the most effective ways to offset damage done on a run,” by a 2008 Runner’s World article. It is reported to be used by various athletes, from top notch runners like Paula Radcliffe and Meb Keflezighi, through Michael Phelps, to nearly all professional rugby players like Jonny Wilkinson, which, as far as i’m concerned know most about physical injuries (have You ever seen a rugby game?).Ice baths are also reported to be used by The San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets and other N.B.A. teams, in addition to usage of high-tech cryotherapy machines, which they provide to their players. Ryan Babel, former Liverpool’s forward puts it this way:

After a match we have to stand in an ice bath for five minutes. You can be affected with cramp or lactic acid, and that causes small tears in the muscles, but by applying cold water it repairs the damage immediately. During preseason I had to do it after every training session and it was so cold, really horrible. In the beginning I could only suffer it for half a minute and sometimes I stood with my track suit and socks on or I tried slyly to miss it. Even during training I was thinking about the dreaded cold water but now I’m used to it – and it certainly works as I’m more flexible and feeling a lot better the following day.

If You would like to ivestigate the topic on your own, You may consider looking into this review conducted by researchers from The Cochrane Library, in which they went over data obtained from over 17 studies around the world, and constructed probably the most extensive survey on cold water immersion available on the planet so far.

Possible benefits:

  • reduces muscle soreness after excersise
  • speeds up recovery
  • less muscle pain as well as stiffness
  • induces sleep
  • injury prevention
  • reduces inflammation

Possible drawbacks:

  • not pleasant or even painful at first
  • possibly dangerous, as it may lead to hypothermia or frostbite

I should mention here, that in general ice baths should be avoided by people with heart problems or respiratory diseases. You may also consider consulting Your intent to take an ice bath with Your local doctor.
While there are different types of ice baths, for the purpose of this article we chose the most commonly used to be described here by Tim Ferriss, who admits to take at least 3 ice baths per week: 

The icebath is simple: 2-3 bags of ice from a convenience store ($3-6 USD; €2.5-4.5 EUR) put into a half-full bath until the ice is about 80% melted. Beginners should start with immersing the lower body only and progress to spending the second five minutes with the upper torso submerged (fold your legs Indian-style at the end of the tub if you don’t have room).

  And here are thelifeprism handful of tips:

  • Recommended temperature is usually in the range of 52–60 degrees Fahrenheit or between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius
  • 8 to 10 minutes immersed in water is entirely sufficient. Don’t be harsch on yourself if you can’t withstand much from the beginning, practise makes perfect. Unless supervised or you not new to ice baths, do not exceed 10 minutes
  • Survive first 2 minutes, after initial shock rest goes much easier
  • Everybody are different and has his or her individual threshold. Find Yours
  • Consider investing in booties-toe warmes made of wetsuit material-as toes are most vulnerable to cold water
  • After ice bath don’t try to make yourself warm again as fast as possible, for example taking a hot shower. Residual cooling effect and gradual warming are ideal. You may put some warm clothes on, wrap yourself with a blanket, and/or having a warm drink. However, if you are unable to warm up yourself then do take a shower

 And what is Our conclusion? Simply – try it.
Just like any other technique used to maintain a healthy organism, ice bath is worth looking into. Healthy organism and lifestyle is an essential mean to live a happy life, and to have a best time ever.
Please write a comment if our article inspired You to experiment with an ice bath. Already tried it? Write a comment as well and share your experience with us, we highly appreciate every feedback.
May You have the best day ever,

JJ, thelifeprism team

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Although the term “Qigong” was coined in the 20th Century, the origin of the practices that now constitute Qigong predate recorded history. Qigong is self-initiated health and wellness practice consisting of a combination of movement, self-massage, meditation, and breathing. Qigong practice puts the body into the relaxation/regeneration state (the relaxation response) where the autonomic nervous system is predominately in the parasympathetic mode. Qigong can be done anywhere, anytime. It is excellent for stress reduction, prevention of illness, dealing with chronic illness, healthy and active aging, and longevity. Practicing Qigong is as simple as doing the Three Intentful Corrections (adjust the posture, breath, and mind). Click here to do Qigong NOW.

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‘Love generates love.’ Rūmī

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Top 10 Ways to Look and Be Smarter

“Critical! Precise! Powerful!” -thelifeprism

By Whitson Gordon / Source: LifeHacker

No matter if you’re trying to survive an intensive college schedule or just want to seem smarter in front of your friends, you can do a lot of things to both look and be smarter.

Here are ten simple tricks for boosting your real (and perceived) brain power.

10. Read Faster and Better

Obviously, one of the best ways to boost your intelligence is to read more! You can read faster (and thus consume more knowledge) by getting your speech mechanism out of the equation. So give your mouth something to do, like eating, humming, or chewing gum to get through that stuff quickly. Then, take some time to absorb and reflect on what you read to keep it in your memory. Whether it’s War and Peace or just the Wikipedia Random button, you’ll be surprised by how much more you learn when you’re reading not just fast, but well.

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Hello world!

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”
― Siddhārtha Gautama, Sayings Of Buddha.

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